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Love takes me captive; beauty binds my soul;
Pity and mercy with their gentle eyes
Wake in my heart a hope that cannot cheat…

— Michelangelo’s homoerotic poetry addressed to Tommaso Dei Cavalieri


Various scenes of gay male sexuality in LGBT cinema around the world

August (USA)
The Visitor (Germany)
From Beginning To End (Brazil)
Free Fall (Germany)
Beyond The Walls (Belgium)
Keep The Lights On (USA)
The String (France)
Stranger By The Lake (France)
Our Paradise (France)
Come Undone (France)


Mormor AU: The night before Sherlock’s fall Jim isn’t acting like always. The rough and hard sex changes for the first time in sweet and slow love making. Sebastian doesn’t complain, he is delighted but the next morning he realises something is wrong. Jim is too focused in the last details to worry with the sniper. The real reason is that he can’t say to his man it was the last time they were going to be together.

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